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Czech Masters Swimming Championships
29th - 30th April 2017

Our sport club Swim Masters Zlín, z. s. organizes Czech Masters Swimming Championships. The event date is 29th - 30th April 2017. Any member of ČSPS or any other organization under the FINA can take part if they will reach the age of 25 or older during 2017.

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Photo gallery

Saturday 29th April and Sunday 30th April 2017
Městské lázně Zlín
Hradská 888

GPS: 49.221458334, 17.670291066
GPS: 49°13'17.250" N, 17°40'13.048" E

Indoor pool, 50m, 8 lanes, Omega timekeeping
Registration, fees, results
You can register on this page by clicking on the REGISTRATION link
The start fee is 99 CZK for each individual start and 99 CZK for each relay start.
Registration will close on Monday, 24th April 2017 at 22:00
The results will be online on this page.
Organizer, contact
Swim Masters Zlín, z. s.
Lazy IV 3875
76001 Zlín

Event director: Michal Přílučík (michal.prilucik@swimmasterszlin.cz)

Any member of ČSPS or any other organization under the FINA can take part if they will reach the age of 25 or older during 2017. Rules for Masters swimming released by the ČSPS will be applied. All attendees participate at their own health risk (following the rules of their national organization) and at their own cost.

Every attendee will start in their proper age group based on their age in 2017. Age groups are 25-29, 30-34, 35-39 and so on ascending by 5 years. The number of individual starts is not limited. The relay's age group is determined by the sum of ages of all relay members. The age groups for relays are 100-119, 120-159, 160-199 and so on ascending by 40 years. All members of a relay must be registered in the same club, and a club member can start only once in each relay event.

Due to the expected large amount of attendees, all individual starts will be overhead. Athletes will be added to each heat based on their entry times. There will be no semifinal or final; the reach time will decide. The one-start rule will be applied.

A buffet will be open during throughout the event. It will offer fresh drinks, cold food, warm soup and coffee. The buffet will be located by the entrance to the 50m swimming pool. A free WiFi internet connection is available throughout the building.

All registration and orders must be entered on this webpage in the REGISTRATION sestion. All clubs must be registered with all of its athletes and their individual and relay starts. You can also order accomodation, breakfast and dinner, and social event tickets in this system.

All registration and orders are valid only after successful payment. The payment must be done in the registration system on-line using a credit card for the whole club. Withdravals are not possible, and no money can be returned.

The event is split into 3 parts, we start with warn up Saturday morning. Expected finish on Saturday is at about 18:40, so there will be enough time for move to social event. You can easily display list of events in each part by clicking on it. Underlined times are fixed, other are estimated.

Saturday 29th April 2017 morning
08:00warm up
08:50event opening, introduction
09:004x50m freestyle relay women, men
09:10100m breaststroke women, men
09:35200m freestyle women, men
10:1050m backstroke women, men
10:25200m butterfly women, men
10:50victory ceremony
11:004x50m freestyle mixed
11:10400m individual medley women, men
Saturday 29th April 2017 afternoon
13:00warm up
14:0050m freestyle women, men
14:25100m backstroke women, men
14:45200m individual medley women, men
15:2550m butterfly women, men
15:40200m breaststroke women, men
16:10victory ceremony
16:204x50m medley women, men
16:30800m freestyle women, men
19:30social event
Sunday 30th April 2017 morning
08:30warm up
09:30100m freestyle women, men
09:5550m breaststroke women, men
10:10100m butterfly women, men
10:40200m backstroke women, men
11:10victory ceremony and awarding of cups
11:254x50m medley mixed
11:40victory ceremony
11:50400m freestyle women, meny
12:55victory ceremony
The three best times in every individual event in each age group will receive a medal (to be picked up at the central desk).

The three best times in every relay event in each age group will receive medals during the victory ceremony.

The three best performances (time converted to points based on the athlete's age and the Czech Masters scoring system) in every individual event will receive an award during the victory ceremony.

The athletes (3 women and 3 men) with the best performance in any individual discipline will receive a cup during the victory ceremony. This ceremony will be held before Sunday's relay.

One athlete with the highest sum of all of their performance points from all their individual starts will receive a cup during the victory ceremony. This ceremony will be held before Sunday's relay.

All athletes and their family members, friends, club members etc. are welcome to the social event, which will be held on Saturday, 29th April 2017 at 19:30. There will be great music, a cultural performance, tombola and an enjoyable atmosphere and entertainment. You can attend this event in the big conference hall in interhotel Moskva on the 1st floor.

Tickets cost 299 CZK and include a welcome drink and dinner. You must order and pay for the tickets in the registration system.

The top prize in tombola is a 3 day accommodation with breakfast in Austria for 2 persons worth CZK 10 000.

Interhotel Moskva

Interhotel Moskva

We have negotiated a discount 10% for accomodation in Interhotel Moskva for all participants in the swimming event. The 4-star hotel is located just a few steps from the venue and has enough capacity for all participants. You can order the accomodation directly in the hotel; to receive the discount, provide the password MASTERS.

Address: Náměstí Práce 2512, 760 01 Zlín
GPS: 49.221116, 17.661250
  49°13'16.0" N, 17°39'40.5" E
Phone: +420 577 561 111
Homepage: http://www.hotelmoskva.cz/
E-mail: recepce@hotelmoskva.cz

The social event will be held at this hotel on Saturday evening. If you are staying here, you don't have to go far; you can just take a lift from your room to reach the social event.

Domov mládeže

We also offer accomodation in Domov mládeže located about 5 minutes by foot from the venue. The rooms are fairly simple (originaly designed for high school students) and were recently renovated. The toilets and bathrooms are shared by each hall. The price for this accomodation is 199 CZK per person per night. You can also order breakfast (69 CZK) and dinner (89 CZK).

The accomodation and food must be ordered and paid for in the registration system.

Arrival by car
Zlín is very easy to reach by highway from all parts of the Czech Republic and Poland. You can use highway D55 to Otrokovice and then continue directly to Zlín (about 15 minutes). From Slovakia, you can use roads E442 (via Vsetín) or 49 or 57 (via Vizovice), E50 (via Uherské Hradiště) or highway D2 (via Břeclav and Uherské Hradiště). From Austria, we recommend you to use the A5 highway from Vienna and continue via Reintal, Břeclav and Uherské Hradiště.

Approximate distances: Bratislava 160 km, Brno 96 km, Katowice 192 km, Krakow 265 km, Prague 300 km, Olomouc 60 km, Ostrava 105 km, Trencin 70 km, Vienna 175 km, Zilina 110 km

By train
Zlín also has excellent train connections. There are many direct connections near Otrokovice, from Prague, Olomouc, Ostrava, Brno or Břeclav. A few international express trains also stop here, e.g. the Budapest - Warsaw and Vienna - Warsaw lines. From Otrokovice you can take a local train or bus to Zlín; this trip takes about 15 minutes.
Parking at the venue
You can park your car directly in a parking place near the venue (there are about 30 spaces) or on Hradská street. There may be a very small fee; please see the parking meters.

Parking at the venue

Parking places are marked red